Thursday, November 15, 2018

Catering Services by Sushi Roku

Eiji Mori has served as executive general manager of Sushi Roku in Newport Beach, California, since 2015. Eiji Mori previously served as sake sommelier for the Innovative Dining Group (IDG), which includes a number of diverse restaurants throughout the country.

Sushi Roku, a member of the IDG family, maintains a comprehensive catering menu for patrons who wish to not only bring their favorite Sushi Roku dishes into their home or a special event, but to replicate the class and atmosphere of Sushi Roku in Newport Beach. Popular items on the Sushi Roku catering menu include a variety of sushi and rolls, numerous appetizers, and desserts at multiple price tiers. Specific dishes range from shishito Japanese peppers to tuna jalapeno rolls. All catering services are served family style.

Catering services are not limited to food preparation and delivery and may also include servers and on site chefs. To learn more about catering and other Sushi Roku menus, please visit IDG online at